Brazilian customer visit Pet Food Machinery case

Pets occupy a very important place in our daily life. They accompany us like family members. We must put a lot of effort into preparing the best pet food for our owners. With the increasing demand for pet food, the demand for pet food machinery is also growing. As a professional pet food machinery manufacturing company, we provide customers from all over the world with a variety of high-quality equipment.

The customer from Brazil contacted us recently and wanted to conduct a field investigation. We are very confident in our equipment, so we warmly welcomed them and introduced our pet food machinery to them in detail.

Brazilian clients visit

Advantages of pet food machinery

  1. Fast heating speed

When pet food machine is used to produce pet food, rapid heating can be achieved in a short time, which significantly improves the production efficiency and brings more profit space for manufacturers.

  1. It has bactericidal effect

Different from traditional pet food, pet food equipment can play a role of sterilization while producing pet food, so that the produced pet food is more clean and hygienic, and will not bring safety risks to pets.

  1. Easy to operate

Pet food making machine is very simple to use, only simple operation can be completed, ordinary workers can also operate, manufacturers can reduce labor costs, reduce production input.

  1. Production environment can be improved

The pet food making machine is made of industrial stainless steel, making the whole production environment more clean and hygienic, and the pet food produced will not cause any harm to pets.

  1. Less loss of nutrients in materials

The main purpose of pet food is to supplement the nutrition of pets. The use of pet food making equipment can retain the nutrition of the materials to the greatest extent, so that pets can grow healthily.

Pet food machinery

In addition, we also introduced a variety of different types of equipment for Brazilian customers to facilitate their selection. After careful understanding, they finally ordered 9 pet food making machines.

Technical parameters of pet food machinery

Power 30KW 50KW 70KW
Supply voltage 380V 380V 380V
Power consumption 20KW 40KW 50KW
Production capacity 120-150Kg/h 150-180Kg/h 180-220Kg/h
Production line length 16m 16m 18m
Packaging Ordinary packing is usually used. Packing in ordinary or wooden cases according to the customer area.
Production cycle 30-35days

Pet food

Our Brazilian customers have been very impressed with our pet food machinery and have shown great interest in our other equipment, such as food puffing snack machine, sandwich rice snack machine and fish feed extruding machine. In addition to our pleasant conversation, we also became good friends with them. After all, in the field of pet food, we share the same desire.

This is a very pleasant exchange, we will not disappoint the expectations of Brazilian customers, so that their trust will be returned, later we will provide maintenance services and guide the installation of a series of after-sales services, for Brazilian customers to solve the problem. Years of development has enabled us to have a very complete production system and after-sales service system, etc. To choose us is to choose convenience. Our mission is to let our customers can obtain a broader development prospects, we will certainly live up to your expectations!