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Puffed feed is a kind of puffed porous feed which is obtained by lowering pressure suddenly after high temperature and high pressure of puffing machine.

After puffing, the feed forms the state of “popcorn”, not only physical state such as appearance changes, but also internal organic matter molecular structure changes, making starch more digestible, protein more available.

Puffed feed

The equipment that produces this kind of puffing feed is called feed extruder, belongs to puffing machinery equipment, puffing machine has various functions and is widely used in the fields of feed, food and industry.

  What are the characteristics of puffed feed compared with traditional pellet feed?

1.After the puffing of feed raw materials by the feed extruder, the particles are small, crisp, and give off the smell of coke, good palatability, high gelatinization, and has a good effect of food attraction;

2.The long chain structure of some organic matter such as protein and fat becomes short chain structure, which is easier for animals to digest and absorb;

3.Under the action of high temperature, high pressure and swelling, the mould, bacteria and fungi in the material are killed, thus improving the hygienic quality of the feed, can effectively reduce animal diarrhea, gastroenteritis and dysentery and other diseases;

4.After high temperature and high pressure puffing, and drying treatment, the moisture requirements of the finished products are generally less than 10%, packaging generally adopts the inner and outer bag separate sealing way, under the same conditions, the storage life is longer, easy to store.

Therefore, puffing feed is a better choice for animal feeding, and the feed puffing machine is the best choice for feed manufacturers!

  What are the characteristics of our feed extruder?

1.Novel design, compact structure, high production efficiency;

2.Reliable, durable, low failure rate, easy to operate;

3.Easy to use, smooth transmission, low noise;

4.The main parts are made of special alloy materials by heat treatment, with long service life and low feed cost;

5.Dry process, self – heating, no steam;

6.Screw design has a powerful self-cleaning function, screw and screw slot can be self-purification, therefore, there is no need to stop for cleaning when changing the formula and product varieties;

7.The template can be made into different shapes of the mold hole, can be pressed different shapes, animal favorite expanded particles.

Double screw extruder

Double screw extruder

  Product parameters:

Model LZ65-Ⅲ LZ85-Ⅱ
Installed capacity 100KW 180KW
Power consumption 70KW 140KW
Production capacity 120-150KG/H 300-450KG/H
Dimensions 28000*120*2000MM 3000*1500*2000MM

We have all the extruding equipment you need and can also be customized according to your requirements. If you are interested or have any questions, please leave us a message and we will get back to you in time.

  Why did you choose our company?

Our company is a enterprises which extrusion machinery research and development, manufacturing as the main business. “Focus on the expansion business, wholeheartedly for customer service” is the company’s business philosophy.

Excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service make our company win a good reputation in the industry, it has also contributed to our long-term and stable cooperation with Malaysia, Japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and other regions. The company’s sales network throughout the world, professional after-sales staff ready to go to all over the world, to provide customers with the necessary production process support. Our company promises to bring you perfect after-sales service:

1.The company’s after-sales service personnel can provide the ingredients of related products and the basic formula of products;

2.On-site training of relevant personnel on equipment operation and regular maintenance;

3.After sale, visit customers regularly to help you solve the problems encountered in the use of equipment;

4.Our company provides high-quality and cheap spare parts to customers all year round, and provides equipment upgrade and new product development support, so that you have no worries;

5.During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged due to non-human factors, the company will provide free maintenance.

Signed contracts with Pakistani clients

Signed contracts with Pakistani clients

If you have a need for the feed extruder, you can contact us for more information, you can also visit our factory, looking forward to working with you!

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