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Macaroni is a famous pasta in western countries. It can be divided into solid and hollow, also known as macaroni. Macaroni juice can be left in the hollow macaroni, which is not easy to dry. It’s a crispy and delicious noodle product.

Macaroni production line

Macaroni is extruded, the biggest advantage of which is that it can replace various molds, extrude hollow or solid round noodles, as well as spiral shell, letter, hanging flower, wheel and other varieties of colors.

Macaroni production line mainly uses potato starch, corn starch, flour and other raw materials, uses single screw extruder and unique extrusion molding technology to produce short pasta and macaroni with different shapes popular in the market.

  What are the characteristics of our macaroni production line?

The macaroni production line consists of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system. Adopting advanced screw extrusion technology, materials are matured and expanded by high temperature and high pressure, which can be completed in one time. The design of the production line is reasonable, the degree of automation is high, the extrusion parameters control is accurate, the main machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, to ensure the stability of the production process. The products have various colors and varieties, beautiful appearance, natural lifelike, fine texture and wide use of raw materials. It can realize automatic continuous production and save manpower. The new type of micro grinding equipment is adopted, which has low noise and large output. Automatic cutting, automatic conveying, automatic continuous drying, high efficiency and reliability.

  Equipment composition of macaroni production line:

Mixing machine → single screw main machine → conveying and cutting machine → cooling bed → hot air dryer → automatic fryer → automatic seasoning.

Macaroni production line

Macaroni production line

Single screw main engine

Single screw main engine

Now DL3000-100 single screw extruder is the basic general model. It is mainly used to produce various kinds of pasta, fried food, rice flour, macaroni, pasta and other products, with stable output and simple and convenient operation. Among them, 3000 is the length of screw and 100 is the outer diameter of screw.

  Specific parameters of macaroni production line:

Equipment parameter
Power voltage 380V/50HZ
Installed power 46KW
Power consumption 30KW
Production capacity 60-100Kg/h
Size dimension 3.2×1.1×2m
Macaroni production line

The processing line can produce a variety of styles, we can also customize the mold according to your needs. If you are interested in our macaroni production line, please contact us in the message below.

  Our company promises to provide you with perfect after-sales service:

1. The company’s after-sales service personnel can provide the ingredients and basic formula of relevant products;

2. On site training of relevant personnel on equipment operation and regular maintenance;

3. The after-sales department will visit the customers regularly to help you solve the problems encountered in the use of the equipment;

4. Our company provides high-quality and low-cost spare parts to the demander all the year round, and provides support for equipment upgrading and new product development, so that you have no worries;

5. During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged due to non-human factors, the company shall provide free maintenance.

Our company has been committed to the production of food extrusion machinery, with strong technical strength, high-quality products, reasonable price, perfect after-sales service to ensure every customer’s satisfaction with the order, won a good reputation, and also contributed to our long-term stable cooperation with Italy, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Portugal and other regions. The company’s sales network is all over the world, and professional after-sales personnel are ready to go to all parts of the world at any time to provide customers with necessary production process support.

Macaroni made by an Italian customer
Macaroni made by an Italian customer
Macaroni produced by Japanese Customers
Macaroni produced by Japanese

If you are interested in our macaroni processing line, please contact us or visit our factory. There will be professionals to answer your questions face to face. Sincerely hope to cooperate with you to create the future together!

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