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The extrusion equipment for fish feed production can adjust the process parameters such as raw material, temperature and moisture, so that the fish feed has the characteristics of long floating time, hard to disperse, novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicate organization, which is suitable for different fish tastes.

Fish feed produced by extruder
Fish feed produced by extruder
Fish feed produced by extruder

Fish feed produced by extruder

  Advantages of puffed fish feed:

1. After the feed material is expanded, the flavor is increased, which can stimulate the appetite of animals.

2. Improve the digestibility of feed. The feed is easier to digest after being expanded.

3. Feed expansion reduces the content of bacteria, mold and fungi in raw materials, improves the hygienic quality of feed, and reduces the risk of animal disease.

Fish feed production equipmentFish feed production equipmentFish feed production equipment

  Our product advantages:

1. The main motor adopts frequency conversion control, which is energy-saving and easy to operate.

2. Adopt frequency conversion speed control feeder, and feed evenly.

3. The maturity of materials is sufficient, and the gelatinization degree of materials is over 98%.

4. The screw has excellent self-cleaning ability.

5. Screw sleeves are made of special materials, special process, wear-resistant and high pressure bearing.

6. The feed is sterilized by high temperature and high pressure in the process of processing, which ensures the health and safety of feed products.

7. The process flow is continuous and reasonable, the performance of each single machine is good, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

8. Different shapes and sizes of feed can change the mold and adjust the expansion.

  Equipment parameters:

Power voltage 380V/50Hz
Power voltage 110KW
Installed capacity 30KW
Power consumption 80KW
Production capacity 200-300kg/h
Dimensions 18*1.3*2.4

Our factory produces a complete set of production equipment for fish feed, which produces fish feed with novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicate organization. If you need to buy, or want to know more about feed extrusion equipment, please contact us.

  Technological process of fish feed production line:

Raw material preparation → mixing → conveying → extrusion and expansion → conveying → drying → seasoning → cooling → screening → packaging

Equipment configuration of fish feed production line: powder mixer → feeding machine → extruder → conveyor → multi-layer oven → seasoning line → cooling conveyor → vibrating screen → packaging machine

Our factory’s expanded floating fish feed production line is popular and trusted by foreign customers because of its excellent quality and obvious price advantage. Through continuous efforts over the years, we have developed a large number of stable foreign customers, and our fish feed extruder has been sold to many countries in the world, including: Vietnam, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Angola, Thailand and more than ten countries. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Foreign customers came to inspect the factoryForeign customers came to inspect the factory

Foreign customers came to inspect the factory

Why choose our company?

1. In the design and production stage of processing aquatic feed production line, our factory will solicit the opinions of customers in detail, fully consider the site conditions of customers, and ensure the quality of equipment.

2. Be responsible for installation and commissioning. We will send full-time technical personnel to the customer’s factory to guide the installation, and be responsible for debugging to normal use.

3. Quality assurance. The warranty period of the expanded fish feed processing equipment is one year. During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged due to non-human factors, it shall be repaired free of charge. If the equipment is damaged due to human factors, our factory will send personnel to repair it in time, and only charge the cost.

4. Supply of spare parts. Our company has been providing high quality and high price spare parts to the demander for many years, and providing relevant supporting services.

5.24-hour telephone service, holiday service as usual. Respond immediately to the quality problems complained by users, and rush to the site in 72 hours.

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