Pet Food Extruder enlivens pet food market

Pet food is a kind of food specially provided for pets and small animals, which provides them with the most basic nutrients for life assurance, growth and health. Pet food has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestibility, scientific formula, quality standard, convenient feeding and prevention of some diseases.

Pet food extruder, also known as pet food production line, animal feed extruder, dog food extruder, etc., can improve the palatability and nutritional value of pet food, facilitate animal feeding, kill harmful substances such as bacteria, and improve the safety and health of pet food. Simple operation, high automation, environmental protection and health, small investment, high income, is the ideal choice for small and medium-sized pet food manufacturers!


According to this market demand, our company has developed a variety of models of pet food extruder. According to the different output, the machine also has a variety of configurations. The production equipment can adjust the raw material, temperature, moisture and other process parameters to make the product have the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, delicate organization, suitable for different pet tastes, widely applicable to the production of dog, cat, fish, shrimp, fox, bird and various pet feeds.

Diverse shapes

Pet food extruders have many advantages:

  1. The design is novel and unique, the structure is simple, easy to install and disassemble, and the operation is convenient.
  2. It has the international advanced grain cutting structure, adopts the soft knife fitting form, realizes the infinitely variable speed, can cut the material into the required length arbitrarily, and is not easy to produce burrs.
  3. The screw sleeve and screw are made of special wear-resistant and high temperature resistant alloy steel and heat-treated, durable and long service life.
  4. Frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted. The material cutting time, temperature, output torque and transportation speed can be adjusted to produce higher quality pet food.
  5. The fuselage is made of stainless steel, resistant to rust and corrosion. The material is sterilized thoroughly after high temperature and high pressure to ensure the safety of pet food. The equipment has stable operation, low noise and can be produced continuously.
  6. The equipment has small floor area, low energy consumption, simple operation, ready to use and easy to control. The equipment is environment-friendly, free of pollution, waste water, waste gas, dust, etc, with good working environment, safety and health.
  7. The equipment is highly automated, and the whole processing process can be completed by 2 to 3 people, saving labor costs.
  8. It is easy to change the discharging mold, and different shapes of pet food can be produced by changing the mold.

 Pet food extruder

Equipment parameters:

Host model LZ65-III LZ70-II LZ85-II
Supply voltage 380V 380V 380V
Installed power 68KW 104KW 160KW
Actual power consumption 58KW 85KW 130KW
Throughput 120-150Kg/h 180-220Kg/h 300-500Kg/h
Length of production line 16m 18m 20m

Pet food extruder has high degree of automation, low cost of labor and site, simple operation, green and environmental protection, which makes pet food market full of vitality and is the high-quality choice for many pet food processing plants.