What do you know about Macaroni Production Line?

Macaroni food production line is a kind of food with flour, corn starch and potato starch as raw materials, which is extruded, shaped and dried by single screw extruder. Through different molds, it can produce hollow or solid round noodles, as well as shell, spiral, square tube, 3D food, round tube, lotus root slice, sausage and other products with novel patterns and unique shapes. It can be used for cooking or frying. It is suitable for daily diet and restaurants.



Macaroni production line consists of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system. Adopting advanced screw extrusion technology, materials are matured and expanded by high temperature and high pressure, which can be completed in one time.

  1. Feeding system

It is installed on the body box, and is fed by the spiral way, and the feeding amount is adjustable. The system consists of a speed regulating motor, a screw, a silo, a mixing wing, a frame, etc. The mixing wing can prevent the material from “overhead” in the barrel, and the feeding speed is better when the material is not accumulated at the feeding port of the barrel.

  1. Extrusion system

The technology of “low temperature aging” is used to make the material through kneading, mixing, shearing and extruding for a certain time at low temperature. Strict temperature control is provided on the barrel and screw of the equipment to meet the requirements of potato starch on curing temperature, so that the product can be stably produced.

  1. Rotary cutting device

It is composed of motor, tool holder, cutter, transmission part, etc. the tool holder is fixed on the mold. The motor drives the tool holder to rotate and cut off the material through the belt. The rotation speed of the rotary cutter depends on the length and shape of the product.

  1. Heating system

It is divided into three zones, and the heating temperature of each zone can be adjusted independently.

  1. Transmission system

The power starts from the main motor and passes through the V-belt pulley and reducer to the screw. The speed control system of this machine adopts frequency conversion technology, which is reliable in adjustment, wide in adjustment range and stable in operation.

  1. Control system

It can control all components of the main engine in a centralized way. It is easy to operate and reliable to control. It also has a variety of automatic protection devices and status indicating instruments.

Macaroni production lines

Equipment composition of macaroni production line:

Mixing machine → single screw main machine → conveying and cutting machine → cooling bed → hot air dryer → automatic fryer → automatic seasoning.

Single screw main engine

The design of macaroni production line is reasonable, the degree of automation is high, and the control of extrusion parameters is accurate. Feeding, main drive and rotary cutting all adopt frequency control system, which has strong power, stable operation and energy saving. The extrusion system is equipped with multiple sets of temperature control and automatic cooling devices, with accurate and reliable temperature control. We can customize the mold according to the production demand. The product has various colors and varieties, beautiful appearance, natural lifelike, fine texture and wide use of raw materials. It can realize automatic continuous production and save manpower. The new type of micro grinding equipment is adopted, which has low noise and large output. It can cut off automatically, transport automatically, dry continuously automatically, high efficiency and reliability. The operation is simple, as long as the basic conditions such as water and electricity are available, there is no waste water and gas in the production process, which is safe and harmless, and meets the requirements of environmental protection.