Instant Noodle Production Line will bring you more income

Instant noodles, also known as instant noodles, cup noodles, fried instant noodle and so on, are a kind of noodle food that can be cooked and eaten in a short time with hot water. The main ingredients of instant noodles are wheat flour, palm oil, seasoning sauce, dehydrated vegetable leaves and so on, which are all necessary to supplement human nutrition. Most of them are packed in bags and cups or bowls.

With the rapid pace of life and travel needs, instant noodles become one of the indispensable simple food in modern life, which can quickly supplement energy and alleviate hunger. Nowadays, all kinds of brand instant noodles in the market are full of the shelves of major shopping malls, which can be seen from large-scale retail supermarkets to small shops on the street.

It can be seen that the sales market of instant noodles is very broad, and the production of instant noodles has great potential. The energy-saving and efficient instant noodles production line will bring more income to the manufacturers!

Instant noodle production line is composed of brine mixer, brine metering device, double axis and double speed noodle machine, disc curing machine, compound calender, multi-layer noodle steamer, square noodle cutting and arranging machine, fryer, air cooler, conveyor, etc., which belongs to extruded food machinery.

The problems of traditional extrusion equipment, such as low production capacity, high failure rate, non continuous production, low labor productivity and high labor intensity, have greatly restricted the rapid development of instant noodle manufacturers. In view of these problems, the production equipment has made a breakthrough in key technologies and stably achieved high quality and high production capacity.

The small instant noodle production line is a complete set of advanced environmental protection equipment for instant noodle production, with reasonable design, high automation, perfect technology, novel design, beautiful appearance, safety and reliability. The production from flour to finished product is completed automatically, the operation is simple and convenient, the manpower investment is little, the labor intensity is low. The failure rate is low, general failure can be found and solved by itself. The whole body is made of stainless steel, long service life, no rust, no pollution of materials, to ensure the cleanness of materials. High production efficiency, automatic cutting, automatic conveying, automatic continuous drying, high efficiency and reliability, continuous production, greatly improving the working efficiency. There is no waste water and waste gas discharged in the production process, which is green and environmental friendly. It covers a small area and only needs one tenth of the investment of large-scale equipment. It has the characteristics of less investment and quick effect, especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and individual enterprises.

The corrugated instant noodles produced by it have short rehydration time, good elasticity, smoothness and transparency, and can be compared with the large-scale equipment popular in the market.

Small instant noodle production line

The small instant noodle production line is characterized by less investment of operators and site, high degree of automation, high return on profits and environmental protection requirements. I believe that the instant noodle manufacturers who choose it can get good income.