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”SINCERITY IS THE SOUL OF LOYAL ” Loyal’s vision is to create value for every customer, which inspires us-inspires us-to do what we do. With 18 years experience at the food machine field, We provide feasible solutions for every customer, from A to B, from raw material processing to finished product packaging.

Loyal brand was famous well-known at global and domenstic market, and it is sold to more than 50 countries and regions,with ISO system,SGS certificate,10 CE certificates ,and 25 patents on Technology Patent,since then,we keep forward on the quality control,new technology developing and the better customer service . Loyal’s leading products are food extruders, industrial microwave system , biscuit production line,instant noodles production line,puffed &fried snack food, breakfast cereal corn flakes, Fortified rice production line, textured soy protein (TSP) food, pet food &fish feed prodcution line,packing machine.
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SINCERITY IS THE SOUL OF LOYAL services portfolio offers snack food machine and fryer production line rebuild and repair services that can return components or entire systems to like-new specifications.A variety of snack production line supporting products.At the same time, the batching, drying, flaking, baking, frying and spraying equipment matching the twin-screw extrusion system have all achieved independent design and production.

We support Food Processing Technology throughout our customer’s demand, including puffed snack food, breakfast cereal corn flakes, fried pasta, bread crumbs, fruit chips, baby food, textured soy protein (TSP) food, fish feed and pet food machine and production line.

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We’re very pleased that you would give us the chance to earn your food machine business by either calling us or visiting our site. We hope that you like what you see, and that you will give us the opportunity to prove that what we have said here is true.
We consider it the highest honor when you choose us as your resource for snack food production line and fryer system. Thank you very much!