Russian customer visit Pet Food Machinery case

With the improvement of living standard, many people begin to choose to keep pets. When a cat or dog is added to the family, life will be much more fun. Especially for some young people who are struggling alone, keeping a pet can bring great psychological comfort.

With the expansion of the pet market, pet food has become a commodity in great demand. Our company is specialized in the production of pet food machinery and has a high reputation in the industry. Recently, we received customers from Russia. They took a fancy to the pet food market and needed to buy 5 pet food machines. After repeated comparison, they finally chose our company, and we also warmly invited them to conduct field investigation.

Russian clients visit

What are the advantages of pet food machinery?

  1. Safe and reliable

Pet food equipment made of high quality materials and superb technology, produced pet food is safe and pollution-free, can play a good role in the growth of pets. Moreover, the equipment is easy to operate, and there is no great pressure for the staff. It can easily complete the work, which is very safe and simple.

  1. Benefit optimization

After the use of pet food machine, the production company will realize mass production, the production efficiency is greatly improved, so that the company’s benefit is significantly improved, the income is greatly increased.

  1. Economical and applicable

Although the equipment is a high-tech equipment, but the price is not high, suitable for most manufacturers, pet food manufacturing machinery can help manufacturers with the minimum input to bring the greatest economic benefits.

  1. Energy conservation and environmental protection

Pet food manufacturing machine in the production of pet food process only consume a small amount of energy, not to produce waste gas, waste water, waste residue and other waste problems, energy conservation and environmental protection, not only conducive to the protection of the environment and can help manufacturers reduce production costs.

Pet food machinery

After careful understanding, the Russian customers are very interested in our food machinery and think that our equipment can bring them great convenience. We also introduced several different models of this equipment for the Russian customers to help them make a more reasonable choice.

Technical parameters of pet food machinery

Power 22KW 30KW 90KW
Installed capacity 80KW 110KW 150KW
Actual power consumption 50KW 80KW 100KW
Production capacity 100-140kg/h 200-240kg/h 350-450kg/h
Dimensions 14×1.3×2.4 18×1.3×2.4 24×1.5×2.4

Pet food

After a thorough understanding, the Russian customer finally reached a cooperative relationship with us and ordered 5 pet food machines from our company. At the same time, they also learned about the performance of fish feed extruder, sandwich snack machine and other equipment. They express their approval of our equipment and will order a variety of different types of equipment from us in the future, and they will cooperate with us for a long time due to our enthusiasm and sincerity.

We are very happy to be recognized by our Russian customers. Over the years, we have always adhered to the principle of bringing more convenience to our customers, and exported our equipment to many countries and regions around the world. Our market is also expanding, we will also invest more energy, develop more high-quality pet food machinery, for our customers to bring a broader development prospects.