How much do you know about Pet Food Production Line?

Pet food is food specially for pets. To provide a variety of pets with the most basic life assurance, growth and health needs of nutrients. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high absorption rate of digestion, scientific formula, quality standard, convenient feeding and prevention of certain diseases.

Pet food production line is a puffing-extrusion equipment, which can adjust the raw materials, temperature, moisture and other technological parameters to make the product have the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, delicate organization, suitable for different pet tastes. The pet food production line is widely used in the production of dog, cat, fish, shrimp, fox, bird and other kinds of pet feed. It is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

This pet food production line solves the shortcomings of small single-screw dog food machine, such as insufficient expansion, difficulty in cleaning the screw after each production, limited proportion of adding fresh meat bone mud, rapid wear of screw, and high cost of late accessories, which are favored by large dog farms and individual entrepreneurs.

Pet food production line

Double-screw extruder

The production line with corn flour, soybean flour, wheat bran, meat, grain flour as raw materials. It can be changed to make different shapes of pet food, such as heart, bone, circle, triangle, small fish, square and so on. The equipment is suitable for the production of dog food at different growth stages, as well as fish food, cat food, fox food, etc.

The pet food production line has the following characteristics:

1.The design is novel and unique, the structure is simple, easy to assemble and disassemble, the operation is convenient, the forming rate is high, the production efficiency is high, the equipment stability is good.

2.The main machine adopts frequency conversion control system, many effective parameters can be adjusted, the material rotary cutting time is long, temperature can be adjusted, output torque can be adjusted, so that the material produced high puffing degree, smooth surface.

3.Double screw high temperature extrusion molding, effective sterilization, really achieve safety and health.

4.The screw sleeve and screw are made of special wear-resisting and high-temperature resistant alloy steel, and made by heat treatment, which have the advantages of wear-resisting and long life.

5.It can realize automatic and semi-automatic production and continuous delivery, greatly improve work efficiency and save cost for customers.

6.Drying using continuous belt – to – back oven, drying effect is good.

7.With adjustable feeding device, it is more convenient to operate, even feeding, to prevent the machine from blocking.

8.Screw design has a powerful self-cleaning function, screw and screw slot can be self-purification, so the change of formula and product varieties do not need to stop cleaning.

9.The template of various shapes can be customized according to the needs of customers. It is easy to replace the template of discharging materials, and only need to replace the template of required aperture for the feed with different aperture.

10.Spare parts cost is low, the manufacturer carries on the machine maintenance all year round and provides the spare parts with the high quality preferential price.

The pet food production line can improve the palatability and nutritional value of pet food, make it easy for pets to eat, kill germs and other harmful substances, and improve food safety and hygiene. Simple operation, high degree of automation, environmental hygiene, small investment, high income, is small and medium pet food manufacturers ideal choice!