Pet Food Extruder enlivens pet food market

Pet food is a kind of food specially provided for pets and small animals, which provides them with the most basic nutrients for life assurance, growth and health. Pet food has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestibility, scientific formula, quality standard, convenient feeding and prevention of some diseases. Pet food extruder, also known as … Read morePet Food Extruder enlivens pet food market

Fish Feed Extruder

Processing Processing PDF The extrusion equipment for fish feed production can adjust the process parameters such as raw material, temperature and moisture, so that the fish feed has the characteristics of long floating time, hard to disperse, novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and delicate organization, which is suitable for different fish tastes. Fish feed … Read moreFish Feed Extruder

Macaroni Production Line

Characteristic Processing PDF Macaroni is a famous pasta in western countries. It can be divided into solid and hollow, also known as macaroni. Macaroni juice can be left in the hollow macaroni, which is not easy to dry. It’s a crispy and delicious noodle product. Macaroni is extruded, the biggest advantage of which is that … Read moreMacaroni Production Line

Puffed Feed

Characteristic Processing PDF Puffed feed is a kind of puffed porous feed which is obtained by lowering pressure suddenly after high temperature and high pressure of puffing machine. After puffing, the feed forms the state of “popcorn”, not only physical state such as appearance changes, but also internal organic matter molecular structure changes, making starch … Read morePuffed Feed

Pet Food Production Line

Purpose Characteristic Processing PDF Pet food production line is also called pet food extruder, belongs to the puffing equipment. With the increasing variety of pet, the market for pet food requirements and demand is also increasing. According to the needs of this market, our company has developed a variety of pet food production lines. According … Read morePet Food Production Line